Sep 28 2020 - Sep 29 2020

European Protein Degradation Congress

Event: European Protein Degradation Congress

Event Location: Basel, Switzerland

Event Dates: 28-29 September 2020


Event Overview:

With deals in the protein degradation market reaching nearly $2 billion and unique degradation ideas coming into play such as LYTACs and ENDTACs, eyes are focused on how much further protein degradation-based therapeutics will continue to gro within the pharmaceutical industry.

Following huge success in May 2019, the 2nd European Protein Degradation Congress returns to Switzerland 12th – 13th September 2020, where you can hear the most up to date and relevant information for the broad range of topics in the field of targeted
protein degradation.

New areas will cover novel methods in harnessing E3 ligases and the latest discoveries from PROTACs and molecular glues with preclinical and clinical data being shown.

Leading industry players from biotechs and big pharma will come together to exchange thoughts on how to best overcome obstacles to achieving reliable in vitro and in vivo data. Academic experts will be present their latest research to help build a deeper understanding of the mechanisms involved in the Ubiquitin pathway, providing a clearer picture on what makes a good, or not good, the target for degradation

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